Minor updates


Hi everyone! We have added some minor updates:

Midwars and Custom games!


Happy to announce Midwars and Custom games are now available on your profile!
Also there are minor improvements and bugfixes all around.

Wards Wards Wards!


Hi everyone! Wards update is here! You can now check out:

Minor Update 2021-11-08


From now on, net worth values will be correctly displayed when there are disconnected players in the game.

Next up one the roadmap:

We are back!


We had an error related to fetching data since early September. It should be fixed now.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you notice any more errors, feel free to report them to admin@honstats.com

Update 2021-02-02


Hi everyone! We are happy to receive such a positive feedback! We have released a first set of bugfixes:

Introducing Honstats


Welcome to Honstats! This site is still in very early stages of production, but you can already start viewing match history by searching for your name!